I build stuff for people to use

Combat Medical

Designing a new interface for Combat Medical was an interesting challenge. They have multiple product categories with a number of color-coded products that fit under and across different product lines. The different product lines have their own branding.

This took extensive sketching and prototyping to make it all cohesive while establishing a visual hierarchy.

Case Study

Whitesell Co.

Whitesell has been a leader in the southern NJ and southeastern PA commercial real estate market as a builder, owner, and property manager.

The Whitesell website is for prospective tenants and commercial real estate brokers, as well as an excellent marketing tool for their internal leasing team.

Case Study


Beechwood Landscape Architecture and Construction, LLC. are the region’s premier landscape design-build professionals. They had an elaborate portfolio that needed to be searchable by project type, project category, and city. This site also needed to support a large plant library that needed to be easy to navigate through.

Case Study

As a UX Designer my principal focus is on the user

The enjoyment of the process, understanding why something works and how it could be better is what drove me to where I am today. I see so many beautiful interfaces that are hard to navigate or feel like they are missing something. The truth is you're not always going to have the answer just by looking at an interface. UX design is a process. You need to understand the user, find empathy for them and help lead them to their desired result.

"A beautiful woman can make you cross the street, but your interaction with her will get you to stay."