Hello. I’m Kevin, and I strive to create a better experience for the user

My Work

Combat Medical Homepage

Combat Medical

Designing a new interface for Combat Medical was an interesting challenge. The company has multiple product categories with a number of color-coded products that fit under and across different product lines, each with unique branding.

I approached this project by starting with extensive sketching and prototyping to make it all cohesive while establishing a user-friendly visual hierarchy.

Case Study

Whitesell Homepage

Whitesell Co.

Whitesell has a history of leading the southern NJ and southeastern PA commercial real estate market as a builder, owner, and property manager.

The company website was designed to serve a variety of needs for prospective tenants and commercial real estate brokers, while serving as a comprehensive marketing tool for their internal leasing team.

Case Study

Beechwood Homepage


Beechwood Landscape Architecture and Construction, LLC is the region’s premiere landscape design-build professionals. This project included creating an elaborate portfolio that could be searchable by project type, project category, and city. The website also needed to support a large plant library that could be navigated easily by customers.

Case Study

My Experience

Over the years I’ve developed a well-rounded set of skills. These skills have helped me develop solutions for clients and create a better experience for there consumers. Below I’ve broken them down into categories.