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Site Maps, Mind Mapping, Wireframes, Prototyping, Interaction Design & Front–end Development

Whitesell Co. is a commercial office & industrial real estate company, who was struggling with their website's navigation. Their properties search section was hard to follow and wasn't leading the user to an acceptable end result.

I worked with the company and a third party programmer to help design and develop not only a more user-friendly website, but a properties search that got results and enhanced the sales force.

Working on user flows, site maps, wireframes, and prototypes with the client, I then developed the front-end and worked with the programmer on the integration to the back-end admin. We sent it to the company for testing.

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Through user testing we made an important discovery. Although the general user found the interface easy to identify and navigate, the sales team needed a faster way for them to go right to a property. We added a second area to enter the address, so the sales team could go right to the properties for visuals, specs, and descriptions.

Through testing and feedback, we were able to design an interface that gave the user the info they need, drove leads and worked as a mobile tool for the sales team out in the field.

What I learned

The importance of user testing and feedback: As designers, we always want to get it right the first time. When you're dealing with human behavior and interaction, that's not always the case.

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