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Combat Medical develops and delivers mission critical devices that simplify tactical medicine and dramatically empower medical operators to save lives.

With Google Analytics, I was able to see where people were leaving the site. Through user interviews, I adjusted the interface so the user was more comfortable with completing their order.

Using paper and pen, I sketched out the different product lines and categories. Using flow charts and sticky notes, a site map was created that had a clean and easy flowing navigation.

When it came to the interface design, it needed to be clear which products fell under which product lines. The color coding of each product set another challenge.

Visually this was done by laying out the title to show the product line and the product category in a color coded bar across the top. This allows the user to easily find the product for the injury they need to treat.

What I learned

The importance of sketching things out first: Going to paper first is a quick and easy way to potentially discover problems before you start the heavy lifting.


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