Portfolio & Plant Library, Website

User Interviews, Site Map, Wireframes, Prototyping, Interface Design

Looking at the Google Analytics, I could see where users were entering and leaving the site. It turns out a high percentage was dropping off at the homepage, but the ones that went on to the portfolio and about pages would continue.

In the attempt to keep users from leaving the homepage I brought a portfolio search option front and center and added more detail of their process to the homepage.

In addition, I made the plant library more user friendly and designed it to be more of a visually appealing experience. Users can now navigate through quickly without leaving the page to see images of the plants they were considering.

What was created was a beautiful, visual website that was informative to potential clients, and an extensive tool for the sales force and architects working with clients.

What I learned

The importance of sketching things out first: Going to paper first is a quick and easy way to potentially discover problems before you start the heavy lifting.


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